Business Development & Matchmaking

growIs your company active in Life Sciences?
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Are you looking for strategic partnerships, deals or opportunities?

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Typically we assist organizations by helping to:

  • Mediate, negotiate and support strategic partnerships.
  • Support set-up and optimization of sales and marketing.

We are connecting partners and clients that are:

  • Life Science enterprises searching for strategic partnerships.
  • Life Science companies looking for optimized value generation through business development, sales or marketing.
  • Life Science organizations, matching one of following criteria:
    • Manufacturer, producer, supplier, OEM
    • Vendor, reseller, distributor
    • Value add solution provider, specialty solution provider

Together with our network of more than 4000 relevant contacts in the life science industry, we can help you achieve your goals and exceed the expectations of your customers & shareholders. Through the establishment, implementation and support of business partnerships with customers and allies, we help you to increase the perceived value sustainably.

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